5 stunning Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend

With Santa Claus packing up his sleigh for another year, the next major gifting event to prepare for is Valentine’s Day. If you’re struggling for ideas on what to buy your girlfriend, fear not: we’ve put together five stunning products you could treat her to on February 14…

Microwave slippers

With the colder weather settling in for the next few months, why not treat your loved one to a pair of microwavable slippers? These comfortable slippers can be popped into any standard microwave oven for up to a minute, and they’ll come out warm and toasty as if they’ve just had a cycle through the dryer. Great for chilly evenings when you want to snuggle up with some popcorn and your favorite movie. You might even decide to treat yourself to a pair!

Irish jewelry

Whether your girlfriend has Irish blood in her or you just want to treat her to something that symbolizes her religion and your relationship, you might want to consider a piece of Celtic cross jewelry, direct from the Emerald Isles. Not only is this jewelry beautiful and personal, but it’s steeped in history and every piece is hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle. Shop around and find your favorite ring or necklace; your girlfriend will love you for it.

Bucket list sticks

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, you might feel like you’ve done and seen everything you want to do. Fear not. Companies are now selling ‘bucket list sticks’ with ideas for date nights, vacations, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For example, have you ever organized a candlelit picnic watching the stars? Have you ever jumped out of an airplane?

Sure, you’re going to need to be brave if you hand your girlfriend a bunch of ideas for future dates and adventures, but it’s a way to demonstrate your commitment to your relationship.

Travel gift card

Booking a vacation for your partner without her finding out is nigh-on impossible. Not only do you need to check with her work and find someone to look after the dog and the kids, but you need to choose the right destination, pack her suitcase without her knowing and find a way to get her to the airport. Take the stress out of booking a romantic break by buying your loved one a travel gift card; whether it’s an Airbnb voucher or some money to put towards a spring getaway, she’ll love you for it. Experiences are so much more important than things.

Framed map

Finally, why not bring your love story to life with a customizable map? You can print off the location that you met, where you got engaged or married, or even where you’ve been on your vacation, and add your names, anniversaries, and a personal message, all wrapped up in an attractive frame for her bedroom or office. And if you both love to travel, a map with pins is a great way to tick countries off of your bucket list and plan your next big adventure.

There you have it – five amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Let us know what you end up buying your loved one and check back soon for more awesome gift buying content like this.

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