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Chef's Favorite Chinese Hamburger – Street Food Recipe • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

Master Chef John Zhang’s favorite Chinese Hamburger is one of the most popular street food in Northwest China. Chef John shares a recipe to show you how to make them at home.

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Did you know the Chinese Hamburger, or Rou Jia Mo (肉夹馍), was named Shaanxi Province’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of 2016 in China?

Rou Jia Mo literally translates to ‘meat between bread’ in Mandarin. However, people often just call it a Chinese hamburger—even though ‘sandwich’ is a more accurate description of this lovely street food.

This Chinese hamburger exists in many different varieties across China. For example, in Muslim regions the meat filling may be lamb, beef, or chicken, while pork meat are the preferred filling elsewhere.

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