Common Mistakes When Designing A Website

The mistakes we mentioned in this article may not cover all the mistakes of all website but they are the most common. We hope that this article will be helpful for the online shop owners who are finding the answer for the big question “Why their website does not run so well?”. Here is the list for you to refer:

1. Asking for too much information:

Of course, you may say that asking information is also a way to show that you are taking care of customers. But, you should recognize what is enough. A lot of customers feel annoyed just because you ask too much information related to details in a registration form, especially in the checkout process while they just buy a very simple product. In order to deal with this problem, you should:

– Letting customers place an order without requiring them to log in

– Minimizing question amount in the checkout step

– Keeping maximum payment options

– Minimizing the shipping charges as much as possible

– Following delivery date and time accurately

2. Poor product details:

Poor product details will reflect two cases: one is your product is not good, the quality is also poor as in the product details page and the other case is that you are also not confident about what you are selling, so how can you give customers the proper advice? It is the shortest way you break customers’ trust. You should display your products effectively in terms of images, text, font, etc. Some tips for you:

– Uploading high-quality product images that are big enough but can be loaded faster

– Mentioning every minute detail about the product

3. Overdoing

It means complicating. You may want to show all the best things for visitors but have you ever thought that visitors feel overloaded and confusing, especially when you overdo with your homepage. When they want to search for some information but there are too many things on your site but it lacks the basic information, we beg that those visitors will leave your site just in a few seconds. You know the statement: LESS IS MORE? That’s so useful for this case. What you should do is:

– Keeping the font styles and colors to the minimum

– Adding meaningful text and sufficient images

4. Making it device specific:

Your customers do not just use the desktop to approach your site, they have smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Don’t forget this fact when you design your website because the amount of smart devices users even exceeds desktop users. You don’t want to lose, you want more sale revenue? Making sure that your site will work well with both desktop and those smart devices.

If you are coping with one or more mistakes we mentioned above, you can follow some tips provided to fix, or in case you desire more professional support, you can ask for some eCommerce web design services to re-design your e-store! Good luck with your sale!

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Written by Abid Nevesinjac

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