Top 10 Tools to Use for Social Media Automation

When it comes to social media marketing, it can take a lot of time and effort when and if doing it all on your own by yourself. And that’s when using just one site like Facebook. Add Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more into the mix and that can require even more time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more time in the day to achieve all of your marketing goals? Well you can when you make use of one or all of these Top 10 Tools to Use for Social Media Automation. While this list wont go into much detail about each of these tools, it will give you the basics of each and let you know they exist and how they work.

1. Buffer

With Buffer it’s easy to share any page you’re reading. It’s said to be one of the top social media message scheduling apps of them all and works with all the top social media sites.

2. Social Oomph

With Social Oomph you get the tools you need to schedule tweet and automatically follow new pinners that pin/repin your pins. The Social Oomph dashboard lets you manage several of the top social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.


Hoot Suite is one of the best and biggest social media marketing automation tools that lets you schedule posts from multiple social media sites. You can also track conversions too.

4. is a dedicated Pinterest marketing and pin scheduling tool. You can pin and publish up to 840 pins a week with EasyQ and easily switch between multiple accounts too.


With Twitterfeed you can feed your blog posts to Twitter very easily. They also allow you to do the same to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts too.


Post Planner is a web based tool that lets you schedule and automate the sharing of Facebook content.


With Zapier you can connect to the web apps you use the most so you can easily move your data around and automate those tedius tasks with simple, event based automation.


With Ninja Pinner you can auto follow and even auto delete Pinterest accounts to build followers for your accounts automatically.


Bundle Post lets you easily share the same content over and over again but using different titles, descriptions and things.


With Tweet Bop you can maintain a record of tweets that mention you or your brand with alerts from Twitter by email. This makes it perfect for growth hacking.


And that’s the top 10 tools used for social media marketing promotion and scheduling today. Do you use any of these website tools? Which ones do you use and why? And which ones would you say are the best to use for this reason and why?

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