Why it is Worth Reading Reviews Only on Sitejabber or TrustPilot?

Should you trust any single review website? A smart person would probably take a look around the Internet to find multiple reviews about a website or service. Yet, with that in mind, should you trust all review websites? Anybody can set up a review website and stuff it full of fake reviews. If you are smart, you will only read reviews off of very large review websites.

There are many types of review websites for different companies. There are massive review websites dedicated to things like car insurance and life insurance. The music industry and movie industry has their review websites too. However, in the service industry, everything from plumbers to lawyers, the best review websites are SiteJabber and TrustPilot.

What Does SiteJabber Have To Offer?

Imagine you are a small resume writing service and you are doing a very poor job. So, you a company to start setting up fake review websites where you come out on top all the time. Some people will be fooled by these websites, but they will always question if the reviews were paid for, or if the resume writing service owns the website. Those same questions do not exist when people visit SiteJabber. Nobody is asking if this company is owned by a small resume writing service, and nobody is wondering if the reviews are paid for.

Take the example of Resumeble review. They are here on SiteJabber: If you read their positive online reviews, there is little question as to their authenticity. You know that doesn’t own SiteJabber, and you know that SiteJabber isn’t going to risk the negative press that comes from paid reviews. Part of you feels that you can trust the SiteJabber review website.

What Does TrustPilot Have To Offer?

In most cases, when people think about reviews for services, they look towards TrustPilot. The fact that it is so popular is what keeps people coming back. It is also what keeps the website honest. They have even more to lose than SiteJabber if they start taking paid reviews, or if they start removing negative reviews in return for bribes. The reviews you read on TrustPilot are probably trustworthy simply because TrustPilot would lose its online standing if they were not as honest as possible.

Take the example of They are here on TrustPilot:, and you have to ask yourself, “Where are their negative reviews?” If a company is doing a bad job, then people go online to complain, and one of the first places they go is TrustPilot because it is so popular. If a company is repeatedly doing a bad job, then people complain on major review websites, which means the section on TrustPilot would be filled with negative reviews if it were doing a bad job.

Conclusion – Does Popularity Keep Websites Honest?

Nobody can  be sure if SiteJabber or TrustPilot are taking massive payoffs to make some companies look good. After all, it has been proven time and time again that Rotten Tomatoes will artificially inflate the way a movie scores if it is paid enough. They gave Star Wars Last Jedi a 91%, and yet its audience score was a lowly 41%. This difference alone is proof of tampering.

Yet, TrustPilot and SiteJabber have a lot more to lose if they start taking payoffs. It would have to be a very big payoff for them to risk the sort of adverse reaction that Rotten Tomatoes received. That sort of payoff would have to come from a blue-chip company, not a middle-sized resume writing service. In short, you can lean towards trusting review websites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot because they are so large and have so much to lose if they compromise the integrity of their reviews.

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Written by Abid Nevesinjac

CEO / Founder of Largest SEO Marketplace


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