YouTube Algorithm Changes Are Crushing Creators

YouTube Algorithm Changes Are Poised to Crush Creators in 2019 and 2020

In this, youtube algorithm explained video, I share how small insignificant changes are actually impacting the platform in a big way. Furthermore, I share what you need to focus on to crack suggested video views and grow your channel. This YouTube algorithm stuff can be scary. Trying to grow a channel in 2019, really tough. However, if I can do it. You can too and furthermore, YouTube is being more transparent with the release of CTR data in YouTube studio. However, that means, smart and savvy YouTubes will be leveraging this data to push their clicks, views and watch time. You need to do the same, check out the video linked below to learn more about CTR and split testing your video thumbnails. No, YouTube is not broken, but it certainly is a challenge when it comes to growing.

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Written by Abid Nevesinjac

CEO / Founder of Largest SEO Marketplace


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